Volume XXIV



Faculty In Focus.

Michael Harvey, Interview: The Power of Paragraphs

Critical Inquiry.

W1: Writing from the First Year Seminar

Erin Asman, Superheroes and Mortal Beings
Featured art: “Ruins” by Casey Williams

Lisa Hamilton, Reflecting Upon the Use of Genetic Manipulation and Drugs for Physical and Cognitive Enhancement Purposes
Featured art: “Portrait of Two” by Alicia Legard

Rhetorical Questions.

W2: Writing from the variety of W2 courses

Emily Cross-Barnet, The Ecology of Possession
Featured art: SCE Art project by Megan Dulin (6’x5’x10′)

Amanda Gabriel, The Effects of Google on Our Minds
Featured art: “Reflection” by Anna Watts

Saoirse, Outsider
Featured artwork: “Liminal” by Alicia Legard

Kirstin Webb, Opening the Door: A Discussion about Cultural and Biological Diversity
Featured art: “Left to Roast” by Anna Zastrow

Writing Across the Disciplines.

W3: Work from Discipline-Based approaches to Writing in the Majors

Rosalea AlgerReinventing Feminism: Black Women’s Theatre on the Modern British Stage
Featured art: “Qualia of Anxious Hands” by Alicia Legard

Picabo French, The Divine as Seen by Man
Featured art: “Even on a Cloudy Day” by Anna Zastrow

Daniel Teano, Seeing is Caring
Featured art: “Fatal Isolation” by Rachel Rahm

Jordana Qi, Sounds and Songs of Sailing: A Historical and Theoretical Perspective on the Performance and Content of Sea Shanties
Featured art: “Untitled” by Tatiana Baughman

Capstone Experiences.

W4: Writing from Senior Capstone Projects

Rebecca Sachs, “Hee for God only, shee for God in him”: The Sexual Contract of Milton’s Paradise Lost
Featured art: “Own Worst Enemy” by Anna Watts

Contributor Bios.

Editorial Board.


Sean Meehan, Director of Writing

James Hall, Director of the Rose O’Neill Literary House and Board of Publications


Caroline Harvey ’18, Managing Editor

Kylie Hargrave ’17, Associate Editor for Media and Design


John Boyd, Director of the Writing Center

Heather Harvey, Humanities and Fine Arts

Aaron Lampman, First Year Seminars, Social Sciences

Nathaniel Schwartz, Natural Sciences and Mathematics